Why We For SAP?

IRY Solutions can design tailored solutions for industries across verticals. IRY has leveraged SAP technology and its superior features to build solutions that align perfectly with vertical business requirements. So however distinctive your processes may be, you can now integrate and streamline your business processes with our SAP solutions, and ensure that your operations and business performance are strengthened enough to give you the thrust for sustained growth and become profitable, IRY offers SAP implementation services & solutions to your strategic and current needs. From SAP enterprise application strategy through to SAP technical implementation, we help clients solve complex business issues by combining broad process and industry knowledge with deep expertise in SAP.

Implement simple and transparent processes with SAP ERP

SAP ERP is a part of the SAP Business Suite and is, as such, a fully integrated ERP solution. SAP ERP supports all key business processes: from Purchasing & Procurement, Logistics & Warehouse, Sales & Distribution to Human Capital Management and Financial Management.

The introduction of SAP ERP enables the optimization of business processes and the creation of simple and transparent processes in the company and across multiple locations. Access to a uniform database allows logical decisions. Thus, corporate resources can be used much more efficiently.

SAP ERP provides an integrated quantity and value flow and allows the mapping of uniform processes across the entire supply chain. The modules SAP MM (Material Management), SAP PP (Production Planning), SAP WM (Warehouse Management), and SAP LE (Logistic Execution) form integral processes in procurement and logistics; from the purchase requisition to preparation for production all the way to storage. The module SAP SD (Sales and Distribution) in turn covers the sale, distribution and delivery of orders and on through billing. The finance-related processes from budget planning to creating the income statement and balance sheet are supported by the modulesSAP FI (Financial Accounting) and SAP CO (Controlling). The processes related to human resource management are in the SAP HR module.

SAP ERP also offers the option of a complete implementation of a CAQ approach (computer-aided quality). This is made possible by integrating all Quality Management relevant processes on a single platform. With the additional implementation of SAP Solution Manager as the central application management solution, it is possible in particular to facilitate commissioning, maintenance and documentation of the SAP ERP system.

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